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How To Choose A Conan Exiles Hosting Provider

Last updated: September 12, 2021

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To date I have tested 67 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Conan Exiles Server Hosting.

Conan the Barbarian Movie PosterConan Exiles combines survival sandbox gaming with the genre of fantasy adventure in regards to the Conan the Barbarian theme.

The two have been carefully combined to create an immersive multiplayer game that was well received by the steam community when it released in early 2017.

The game was originally released on PC but later got a console release for both PS4 and Xbox One that was highly anticipated by the console community.

The game offers the option to play on locally hosted servers or privately rented servers depending on what type of gamer you are.

Hosting a private server yourself is both free and easy with the built-in “create a world” option however your world is limited based on your PC’s performance.

This is where renting a private server from a dedicated provider can ease the stress on your computer.

Be aware you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use this service, so you may want to consider your options before investing.

Below I will highlight the benefits of choosing a private hosting company as opposed to creating your own.

You’re not required to set up a server to play Conan Exiles as you could instead choose to play solo or choose to join another player’s server.

Though, you will probably want to set up your own server once you have some experience with the game.

The Limitation of Local Hosting

If you’re new to server hosting, a locally hosted world is a great place to start for your very first game, however, this will require you to own a computer that can run a server in the background while you’re playing.

If your computer is able to run Conan Exiles you will more than likely be able to run a world consistently with up to 10 players providing you have a high spec computer.

You will likely experience lag as your world begins to expand with player buildings and user interactions this is due to the constant increase in server commands your computer will have to deal with.

Conan Exiles Fireplace Shot

In order to keep your world running smoothly, you should consider limiting the number of players that can join your world, restarting your world regularly or upgrading your PC to meet the demand of your server, however, this can be an expensive option.

To highlight the positives and negatives of local hosting, I have compiled a list of points below that will help you decide if hosting a Conan Exiles server locally is the best option for you and your friends.


Free Option

You will not have to pay a monthly fee to a hosting company to run your own server locally. However, you will need to consider other costs such as electricity and internet bills.

Great for small communities

If you’re only playing with your friends and want to keep the server private, it’s a great option as you can easily arrange a time to play with your friends. They will need to connect to your PC in order to play.

Mods can be installed via the steam workshop

Mods are much easier to install on your local server as you only have to download them from the steam workshop and install them via the “mods” options menu within the title screen.


Player Limitation

Your player cap will depend on how well your computer can handle running a server.

The higher-spec computer you own the more likely you will be able to host a larger amount of players. However, a gaming PC can be expensive so the cost is relative in this area.


The problem with running a server as a new player is learning how to manage and fix any problems that may occur on your server.

Yes, you could just choose to start a new world if your old one breaks. However, you risk losing active players and file progress if you’re unable to fix the server yourself.

Renting a Conan Exiles Server

If you decide a local server isn’t the right option. You may want to consider the alternative of private hosting.

All of the best provider options can be found on the homepage.

I would like to highlight the positive and negative aspects of private hosting to give you a better idea of what to expect from your provider.


Great for a large community

Dedicated servers are perfect for large groups of players.

When you choose your package on a hosting website you will have the choice of how many players you wish to host.

Packages start from as little as 10 players or more than 100 players, so it will depend on your specifications.

24/7 Support

Support is great for new clients as a server can be a challenge when you first rent one.

A dedicated team of support agents will happily help you whenever you have a problem. Simply create a support ticket and specify your problem.

Most hosting companies will reply back to a ticket within an hour.

Learning Resources

In order to improve your experience, hosting companies offer a lot of free learning materials that will teach you how to configure, mod and manage your server on your own. This will help you avoid waiting for ticket responses. These skills will help with future server management as well.

Backups and DDoS Protection

If you lose your server or it crashes due to a DDoS attack, a company will have backups of your saved files that can easily be re-uploaded to your server. This makes a rented server much safer than a locally hosted one.

Fantastic Hardware

Most hosting companies pride themselves on the top-of-the-range machines that will offer their users a lag-free experience. These machines are dedicated to running game servers which makes them a much better choice than running one on your computer.


Monthly Subscription

Unlike the free version, you will need to pay a monthly or long-term subscription in order to gain access to a server. The cheapest Conan Exiles server hosting starts at around $10, making it a relatively cheap game to host when comparing it to other popular titles.

Requires some knowledge

A server provider will provide a lot of support however you will have to learn how to use the control panel in order to get the most from your server.

It’s best to check the company’s archive of videos and guides to get a better explanation on using their service, as many providers have their own custom control panels.


To conclude this article I would like to sum up which type of user should use which hosting option in order to make the selection process on your next server quick and easy.

New and Novice Conan Exiles Players

If you’re new to the game don’t worry too much about server hosting. Just play the game with a couple of friends while hosting the game locally, using the create a world option.

Conan Exiles Field Shot

As a new player, your focus should be on learning the game and having fun. If you want to interact with other users, first join other servers to see if you like the experience.

If you grow as a player and want to create your own world, then choose to rent one.

Experienced/Advanced Conan Exiles Players

Creating your own server gives you the freedom to configure and build a world to your specifications.

Renting a server allows you to expand upon that initial idea with better hardware and more player capacity to help grow your server and community.

Yes, the server will cost you a small monthly subscription but the benefits of private hosting greatly outweigh the restricted free option of local hosting.

It’s entirely your choice as a player which option to choose but I would always recommend a rental server over a locally hosted one.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 67 popular Conan Exiles Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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