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Finding a Conan Exiles Tribe To Join

Last updated: July 23, 2021

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Conan Exiles is a niche game in comparison to some of the bigger titles such as Minecraft or ARK: Survival evolved, so it may seem like a difficult task to find new tribe members if you don’t have friends that are interested in the game.

You could of course buy your friends the game or try to convince them to play it but chances are they will get bored of the game if they were not interested in it, in the first place.

Conan Exiles Attacking Beast

So what can you do to find other players that are willing to team up with?

To answer this question I have listed the best three ways to find players to join your tribe.

Join small servers

The easiest way to find players within a day is to join plenty of servers.

You will want to focus on servers that have less than 20 players as this indicates that the community may be a small niche of players that know each other well.

Attacking with bow and arrow in Conan ExilesServers that have 50 plus players can be good as well, but the community will already be divided into separate tribes which will limit your choices of getting to know people.

Once you have joined a server, introduce yourself in the chat and make your intentions known.

Start by telling the players that you are serious about finding other players to play with and you would like to become part of a tribe or form one.

You will only be as involved in the tribe as you allow yourself to be. If you’re quiet and don’t participate in tribe activities you will go unnoticed by other players.

You will want to be friendly, active in socializing and be present on the server as often as possible.

You should also ask if the server has a group Discord channel or a Steam group that you can join.

Many communities will also have an active website that their members can join and socialize on.

This will help you become a better tribe member and help you expand your friend count.

Advertise yourself online

If you struggle to find a tribe by joining random servers you could make a specific advertisement and list the attributes you require in your tribe.

There are plenty of websites and social media groups that will allow you to seek other players or respond to other players’ requests.

These websites are great for players that may struggle to communicate with strangers over voice chat.

In your advertisement you should include a title such as “looking for Conan Exiles players”, this will help your post get noticed by the right gamer.

Inside the post, you should include a small description of what you’re looking for, including server preference, play style, game type, player ID and anything else related to the game.

You will need to place your post in the right areas of these websites, so I have compiled a list below of websites you should visit.


Conan Exiles on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to find players for all games, as each Reddit page is dedicated to a certain topic.

I see posts seeking players on the Conan Exiles group daily so it’s worth posting your advertisement at the link below.

If you haven’t written an advertisement you could always respond to another player’s post.

Social Media

Conan Exiles Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are a great way to find other like-minded individuals.

If you’re a PC player the below link is perfect for you to find other Conan Exile players that are looking for tribe members.


Conan Exiles Steam Group

The Steam community pages and groups are a great way to join discussions and post new player requests as the community is very active.

Apply the knowledge in the above section and you will find players easily. Below is a great place to start.

Create your own server

If you want to find a specific type of player or tribe you may need to start your own server to attract the right type of players.

Each server is completely different, giving players a wide range of choices including PVP or PVE servers, RPG servers and more.

You need to focus on creating a world that meets your needs.

Change the settings, allocate the right number of players and rent from a good provider (more information on server providers can be found here).

Once you have created your server you can then apply the second method in this article.

You could also add your server to websites known as “server lists.”

Conan Exiles has a huge number of server lists that will allow you to post your server for free.

This will help you attract players, however, it may require you to pay for an advertisement if you want to gain users quickly

This is because the server lists are full of thousands of servers, which means most users tend to join a server on the first 3 pages.

Here are a few of the best server lists you should advertise your server on:


Finding new players can seem difficult if you are unsure where to find them.

I feel that the above 3 tips will help you find enough players to form a tribe on your own server.

If you want to find players even quicker I would suggest just using the second tip.

As responding to other players’ adverts will allow you to find players that are actively looking to play with other Conan Exiles enthusiasts.

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