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Beginner Tips & Tricks For Conan Exiles

Last updated: September 11, 2021

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Conan Exiles follows the same survival formula as other games including ARK, RUST and Minecraft.

Players will start the game as a new player that has zero resources and a limited amount of craftable recipes to help them survive the initial first hours.

With a little determination and some clever resource management, a new player can quickly gain levels and access to higher-tier weapons, armor and skills that will help them conquer the land around them.

If you’re new to Conan Exiles, starting a new game can be stressful as it requires you to learn the mechanics in a fast-paced setting.

My Top 5 Tips For New Conan Exiles Players

Luckily, I have listed below my 5 tips to help beginners progress through the early stages of the game as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

1. Choosing a Server

Before starting your adventure you will first need to decide on either creating your own server or joining an established one.

Joining a server has many benefits for new players that will help them learn the game quickly.

Conan Exiles Attack

A busy server has lots of players that you can interact and team up with allowing you access to items that you may not be able to craft at the start.

New players will have to be careful about joining PVP worlds as players will be hostile towards you making your life very difficult in the opening game.

Starting your own server

Instead of joining a server, I would suggest creating your own if it’s your first time as this will allow you to practice in a controlled environment that is not inhabited by other players.

Private servers can be hosted locally on your own PC or via a dedicated hosting provider.

Conan Exiles Server List

If you’re playing on your own it’s best to host the server on your own machine as it’s quick to set up and won’t cost you anything.

Dedicated Conan Exiles server hosting can be rented from providers who will manage the technical aspects of your servers, but this is generally only needed for larger player capacities.

If you’re interested in learning more about third-party hosting, read the article “Choosing Conan Exiles Server Hosting”.

2. Gather Resources

Collecting resources at the start of any survival games is important for a successful adventure. Conan Exiles is no different!

As soon as you enter the world you will need to travel across the landscape collecting as many resources as you can fit into your inventory before building a base.

Conan Exiles Gathering Resources

Starting resources include stones, branches and bushes which can all be converted into the first tier on items including a campfire which costs 50 branches to build.

You will need to feed your fire with more resources to keep it going.

Other early game items include basic weapons and clothing that can be crafted from the early game materials.

Stealing resources

Another way to collect resources is to steal them from other players including the AI opponents which will have loot and resources that you can obtain from them once they have been killed.

Stealing Resources

This does come with a lot of risks at the start of the game as you will have a very low armor score and you will probably only have a basic weapon that won’t deal much damage.

This makes this risky option extremely difficult but can reap a precious reward if you’re lucky.

3. Too build, or not to build, that is the question

Building a base is one of the main milestones in Conan Exiles that can be achieved after a couple of hours of strategic playing.

You will want to build a house when you have enough resources and have found a suitable location that is situated close to resources but is well hidden from other players if you are playing on a PVP server.

Building in Conan Exiles

It’s preferable to build your base on a hill as this does give you a vantage point in which you can spot enemy raid attempts on your base.

Having a base puts a target on your back as your enemies will realize that this is a fixed location they can find you at.

This is why it’s better to live nomadic-ally at the start of the game until you have enough resources to build a base you can defend.

4. Set up a bed

Crating a bed in Conan Exiles is an important step in the early game as it will act as your spawn point if your character dies.

Without a bed, you may end up spawning miles away from your desired location that your base was set up in.

Conan Exiles Bed

For new players, this will make it incredibly hard to find again if you’re not familiar with the map.

This will also leave your dropped loot unprotected for longer which may result in you losing everything you collected that day.

5. Forge steel!

When you reach level 10 you will gain access to the furnace which will allow you to craft steel.

Steel can be used to create new crafting items including armor and weaponry.

Forge Steel

In order to create steel you will need to follow the below guide:

  1. First, use the furnace to heat up the Ironstones. (This process requires coal)
  2. Heating up ironstones will create iron bars, these will later be turned into steel bars.
  3. You will next need to acquire tar by crafting leather from hides at the tannery.
  4. The leftover tar can now be used with coal and brimstone in a Firebowl cauldron to make a steel fire.
  5. You will then need to combine the iron bars and Steel fire to create steel.

Once you have completed this process you will then have access to steel bars that can be used with a lot of higher tier items that will help defend you against both AI’s and other players.

Mastering the Conan Exiles mechanics can take some time but with these 5 helpful tips, you will start the game armed with the knowledge to survive and thrive in this environment.

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