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Conan Exiles Server Hosting (2021)

Last updated: September 13, 2021

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To date I have tested 67 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Conan Exiles Server Hosting.

Lots of game hosting companies offer packages for the popular craft and survive title Conan Exiles.

Choosing one of them to look after your private world can be quite a daunting task but luckily I have done the research to make that process that bit easier.

I have delivered my findings on this page with each provider summarised so you can easily filter by what’s important.

The testing…

I sampled the 67 popular game hosting companies I found that offer Conan Exiles servers with 3 of my friends, we played a new map and built up lots of items and experiences to get a feel for each one.

I also tested out the support system that each company providers by raising sample tickets.

Instant activation of the servers was also a big requirement as no one likes waiting around for these things, all these providers on this page have that as standard.

How do I choose the right one for me?

A lot of the choice comes down to budget, the more you pay the more features and stability you tend to get with your server.

The pricing scale of game servers is typically controlled by the slot count, the higher the slots figure is for your server the more players can connect at one time.

Be sure to rent a number of slots that are just above what you anticipate to join just in case you have a sudden surge trying to join.

Of course, this is just a brief overview of what to look for, I wrote a supporting guide: How to Choose a Conan Exiles Server Hosting Provider if you want to research further.

The most important factors you should look for in each provider are…

  • The total cost per month
  • The ease of setting it up
  • Performance of your server under load
  • Adding mods to your server
  • The support-ticket waiting time
  • Extra features in control panel

Best 9 Conan Exiles Hosting Companies Compared

After trying out 67 popular providers during the lock-down of 2020 I have narrowed my choices down to 9.

These 9 game hosting companies are worthy of your time and can be trusted with your precious Conan Exiles private servers.

Each one is summarised by a simple tag showing why they earned that place in my top 9 so you can find your ideal match easier.

LOW.MS - The Best Budget Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #1 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Team made up of experienced members who had left a different provider

A large catalogue of niche games

Competitively priced

The Negatives

A fairly new company

Control Panel

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Conan Exiles LOW.MS Server LocationsGoing from the premium to the budget, LOW.MS is the supermarket/discount store equivalent in the game hosting world.

This company was forged from staff and founders of other successful game hosting companies back in 2015.

They have an ethos of selling a great value low priced package to lots of people, which is great if you like saving money.

They seem to cater to all of the titles that offer private servers, with Conan Exiles included in that list too.

My server was up and running in minutes and I and my friends got a simple base established with zero problems occurring during that time.

The support wasn’t as quick as some of the other companies mentioned here but was still pretty good for the money spent.

You can seem to find a server location in most regions around the world with a large focus on Europe and America like the other providers.

LOW.MS was great value for money and a brilliant budget provider if you are trying to save your pennies. - Best Established Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #2 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Back by a huge data-center company

Host lots of different games

Provide hosting directly to game companies

Possibly the oldest game hosting company

Servers in every region

They don't pay for their Truspilot account

The Negatives

High price compared to others

Outdated website

Control Panel

Video Tour Image Slideshow

If you are looking for a well-established provider backed by not only years of experience but a team of experts then check out

Of course with a high-quality service typically comes a heavy price tag as is the case with this company.

Once you get past the price tag and outdated website you will find a very impressive custom-built back-end and servers that perform well 24/7.

They have data-centers all over the world so you are bound to be close to one where ever you are in the world, decreasing the lag and improving gaming quality. Conan Exiles Locations

It’s not only people like you and me that rent game servers from this provider, many publishers have set up deals direct to provide the default community servers you see living at the top of server lists in games that you buy.

So my recommendation if you have money to spend on a quality Conan Exiles server is to go with

Host Havoc - The Best All Round Host

Ranks #3 out of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Dynamic and friendly team

Focus on providing an amazing service for a few games

Value for money feature-ful game hosting

The Negatives

Relatively new provider compared to others on list

Less locations worldwide

Control Panel

Video Tour Image Slideshow

For an all-around good value for money provider, I definitely recommend Host Havoc.

My time spent with them was pleasant, the server performed fantastically and the back-end control panel was easy to use and activated in minutes.

When pinged with test support tickets the responses back were quick and explained thoroughly, something I love.

In terms of price, Host Havoc was one of the cheapest providers I could find for a Conan Exiles server – not the cheapest but almost.

Host Havoc Conan Exiles Locations

The biggest letdown for me was the fact that they don’t have a large web of global data center locations.

If you are based in Europe, America, Australia or Canada then this company should be your first place to check when shopping around.

Survival Servers - The Best Modded Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #4 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Experts in mods for all games

Custom built control panel

Stay very up to date with server tech

The Negatives

Premium pricing

Only EU and USA locations

If you are a keen modder when it comes to Conan Exiles then check out the premium offering from Survival Servers.

This company has a long history of modding which you can see from their about page on their website.

In the custom back-end, the company built in-house you can add and maintain mods or DLC, important when looking for a Conan Exiles server provider.

My test server with them performed very well and the pricing for them being in the low-mid range makes it great value for money.

Survival Servers Conan Exiles Locations

In terms of server locations Survival Servers fall a little flat, they only really cater to the European and American market.

If you are based in these regions then it’s great news! If you are in Asia for example then it is not.

Nitrous Networks - The Best US Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #5 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Backed by a large gaming brand

Easy to use modern website

The Negatives

Less locations to choose from

Another great provider who has their prices in the middle of the road when compared to the others here.

Nitrous Networks are a well-established premium provider with a beautiful website and control panel that they have clearly invested heavily into.

These guys seem to know their games very well, my test support tickets to them were replied to so thoroughly its felt they were enjoying it!

For server locations, Nitrous Networks loses out to some of the better providers like above, they only cater to the EU and USA regions.

GTX Gaming - The Cheapest Conan Exiles Server Host

Ranks #6 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Experienced UK based team

Cover almost every game

Loads of server locations

The Negatives

Some regions require additional fee

Control Panel

Image Slideshow

Looking for an established budget provider with an amazing catalog of titles to host your Conan Exiles server?

GTX Gaming is a UK-based behemoth in the industry and has the knowledge and experience to support your server with a low price per slot to sweeten the deal.

GTX Gaming Conan Exiles Server Locations

The company has a wide range of locations to host your private world but does charge an extra fee for some exotic locations such as Brazil.

The branded control panel made it a breeze to manage my server and my buddies who joined the game said that it performed well for them too.

Streamline Servers - The Best Global Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #7 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Passionate about server performance

The Negatives

Usually pretty expensive

With Streamline Servers you know you are getting a Conan Exiles server on high tech hardware with a knowledgeable team behind you supporting you all the way.

The usual issue with hosting your game servers with this company though is the sky-high price, which isn’t so much the case with Conan Exiles.

You are able to get a very high-performing server for a relatively middle-of-the-scale price per month.

I and my testing partners who played on the server found it to be amazingly fast and with minimal lag.

Streamline Servers have data-center locations all over the world so you are bound to find a location near to you where ever you are.

Ping Perfect - The Best UK Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #8 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Support a community of Twitchers

Wide range of games

Lots of global locations

The Negatives

Support was a little slow

Further down my list is Ping Perfect, another UK-based game hosting company that prices itself in the middle of the scale.

The server I rented from them was no-frills yet performed how it should do.

You can find better similar and even higher quality packages from providers that are cheaper higher up on the list but these guys are still pretty good and worth checking out when shopping around.

Ping Perfect Conan Exiles Locations

The main thing that sets them apart from the rest of this list is that they offer servers in many locations worldwide, although you will have to pay a premium for more exotic ones.

Fragnet - The Best Bitcoin Conan Exiles Host

Ranks #9 of 9 Conan Exiles hosts

The Positives

Lots of server locations

Server hosting experts

Backed by a large server company

The Negatives

Outdated website

Expensive starter package

Last on my list of the top 9 Conan Exiles server hosting providers is Fragnet, not a bad company but falling back from the pack.

The pricing is in the middle of the scale compared to the others on this list and the server performed fine when I and my friends played on it for just over half an hour.

The support got back in a sensible amount of time with answers that helped me sort my server out when it experienced a few little problems during my initial setup.

Annoyingly they also charge a premium for certain countries which can put people off.

Important Conan Exiles Server Features

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a Conan Exiles server hosting provider but these features stick out as very important to me.

Don’t forget to check out my supporting guide that covers everything I can think of when choosing a provider above.


As with any game server that invites its visitors to invest time and energy into producing something amazing backups need to be a high priority.

You owe it to the players who help you build something beautiful in the form of a community to make sure that you can recover the world in the case of human error or hardware failure.

You can either back up and restore manually or ideally have it set up so that it’s automatic daily by your Conan Exiles server provider.

DLC Support

As you are most probably aware, Conan Exiles is expanding all the time with the new DLC released by the developers.

The new content helps keep the game fresh but can pose a problem for some game server providers.

Be sure to check that you can play your new DLC (like Isle of Siptah) on your Conan Exiles server without having to perform any difficult setting up yourself.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 67 popular Conan Exiles Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

See top 9 hosts

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